Wine As Music

Experience Wine as Music

Growing up in the heart of Oregon wine country, musician Forest Mountain Lion found he could hear the taste of each wine and play them as a flourishing cascade of notes on the piano. The complex bouquet of each wine and character over time translating intuitively to the piano’s notes and chords: Rushing highs, trembling lows, and the tension of consonance, dissonance, and rhythm at the heart of a good wine’s originality. After studying classical piano and composition, Forest is now sharing this magic with the world, bringing an entirely new sensory experience to the world of wine.

Thus, Vinisthesia was born, from the Italian word vini, for wines, and the rare phenomenon of synesthesia, where two or more of the five senses meld into one.

Iris Vineyards Brut

Hazelnuts, baked bread, and peaches delight the nose, balanced nicely with a touch of nectarine, vanilla bean, and lemon curd all well complemented on the palate by bright acidity and persistent mousse.

D Major Nine rises majestically with an immediate melody in octaves, propelled high into the upper piano by a pulsing, interlocking rhythm. A hidden B Minor Seven adds depth and intrigue. The Major Seven is added on its way up as tension builds, creating a complex cluster, before a swirling high pattern emerges from the top, bubbling back and forth between a sweet melody that dances between D Major and B Minor, and a lush F Sharp Pentatonic supporting scale, which eventually settles slightly to be rooted once again in D Major.

2023 Iris Vineyards Pinot Gris Willamette Valley

This classic Pinot Gris is a brilliant platinum color with aromas of pear, white rose, and hint of fennel with a lively balanced palate of Asian pear and grapefruit. The versatility of this wine allows it to pair well with white fish, scallops, and yellow curry.

A Minor Seven begins mid piano, unhurried and supported comfortably by C, growing steadily upward to support a simple but memorable falling three-note melody above a syncopated two-note bird call. The pattern is revoiced with D Minor Seven over F, as the signature continues rising and blossoms fully into C Major Seven with an added A, a cluster reflecting the entire breadth of life's emotion. Instead of ending conclusively, the signature ends with a lower reiteration of its two-note bird call, leaving us wanting another sip.

2021 Iris Vineyards Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

Black cherry, sweet orange peel, and earthy aromas are complimented by savory umami and wild raspberry on the palate.

A wine with vision, evoking a landscape, fruit flavors conjuring light emotions and images of a summer day. A solid G Major rushes upward with moderate power to reveal a joyful but mysterious, rhythmic C Sharp melody in thirds, then exploding upward to an emotional, high melody with D on top. The melody repeats an octave lower as it loses power, before toppling lazily into a long tail back home in G Major. The signature ends on D, the first note of the melody, enticing us to wish the melody would repeat again.

2022 Iris Vineyards Estate C Block Pinot Noir

This small block of estate grown hillside Pommard clone offers a beautiful high altitude Oregon Pinot Noir. It opens with aromas of passionflower and tart cherry with delicate floral notes. The palate brings to mind chocolate covered black raspberries and rhubarb pie.

By far my longest and most complex sound signature to date. E Minor Seven rises from low-mid-piano, with D on the bottom, to support an almost immediate melody, ethereal yet defined, departing downward from G, while the harmony shifts confidently to G Major. The melody pivots and the harmony hints toward a more emotional E Minor, and suddenly even as the sound begins to lose energy, the melody and harmony depart dramatically to E Minor, slowing and almost pausing for a brief moment before regaining energy and fluttering upward, evoking birdsong, nostalgia, and flowing water. This departure softens as it returns to its Seven variation, and eventually back home to G, shedding tension as it falls. The signature settles conclusively, but leaves behind the impression that each sip includes a journey through a perfect balance of sweet and tart. The signature finishes low, with a long and balanced sustain.

2020 Iris Vineyards House Call - A Bordeaux Red Blend

This harmonious blend of 4 distinct varietals graces the pallet with dark cherry, black pepper, and hints of cardamom with a red plum finish. This wine will pair well with a variety of dishes from grilled burgers to rib eye.

Low Fs build energy, pulsing twice, before B Flat Major Seven enters joyfully, retaining the clear outline of F Major on the bottom and lending interest as to where the tonal center will eventually lead. The arpeggio blooms upward and gathers speed with a skipping rhythm introduced mid-piano, and then reiterated as a complex chordal melody flowers on top, bouncing downward with rich, syncopated rhythm between B Flat and F. Its energy consumed by its own passion, it gradually fades into total fulfillment in F Major with regular departures to B Flat only reinforcing its contentment. Notably, this wine does not descend, and barely slows down, even as it fades away.

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