The Iris Story

Willamette Valley Wine at Iris Vineyards

Willamette Valley Wine at Iris Vineyards

Iris is nestled on an 870-acre estate in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range at the south end of the Willamette Valley. We produce world class, award winning Willamette Valley wines from our own grapes and from those we source from some of Oregon’s finest vineyards. Iris is built on the ancient Greek philosophy of Areté. This value exemplifies the idea of realizing one’s fullest potential and the continuous endeavor toward excellence. The principle of Areté is applied in all of our processes, from vine to wine.

Meticulous vineyard management ensures the best possible representation of the South Willamette Valley’s terroir is expressed in the grapes we produce. Our winemaker is intent on creating wines that are true, distinctive representations of the fruit from which they come. We have great respect for our natural heritage and are careful stewards of the land and natural environment. This is Iris. This is Areté; playfully depicted on our logo as an “eye.” Iris is the essence of Oregon attitude. The proof is in the bottle.

A visit to our tasting room

From an unassuming gate, a mile-long, winding, country lane meanders through beautiful woodland.  If you look closely, you might catch a view of the deer, coyotes, or black bear that call this forest home.  You’ll also notice oak savannah habitat being restored, a special type of forest ecosystem that once covered much of the Willamette Valley but was almost lost.  Upon cresting the hill and leaving the woodland, you pause.  Fifty acres of vines stretch before you.  Chalice Vineyard fills its namesake, south facing, bowl-shaped valley, surrounded by the rolling foothills of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range. 

In spring, wild Douglas iris can be seen blooming across the hills.  Continuing down the one lane road through the vines, you realize you’ve arrived at a special place; Iris Vineyards.  The tasting room stands high on the hill overlooking the vineyard and rolling hills beyond.  The patio views underneath a sprawling trellis draped in wisteria are stunning.  As you taste the wine, the setting only enhances your appreciation of this distinct experience, capturing the feeling that makes Oregon a special place.

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